Hey, my name is Monika Sharma, I live in Uttar Pradesh, INDIA. I am just a girl who believes in MYSELF and that’s more important. In 2017 I started doing a job and in 3 years I got realize that this is not my passion not my real interest. So I decide to start follow my hidden passion.

Why I follow my passion?

I start following my passion because this is what I do it well. In my opinion I feel that dreams come true only when we try to make them come true. So I follow my hearts voice and start doing blogging cause I am soooo passionate about it and I love to do travelling. Here I enjoy travelling to new destinations.

Destinations are those magnets which attracts us to know more about it also we can learn many facts about the travel destination while we travel.

As you all know about the pandemic many of us were locked in the houses in such a condition, in such a pandemic situation, I thought why not learn something new something different, so I tried to do something which is really gonna interesting and start making website and learn the things online.