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    Its really amazing feeling while you travel, not only this but it enhance your skills and refreshing your mind also it improves your mood . ”LIFE IS SHORT, AND THE WORLD IS WIDE. I BETTER GET STARTED” Life is literally so boring without travelling, so whenever you get a chance just go for it. Travelling is also boost mental health and reduce depression . If many of us get a chance to travel the world then it may be most of us will grap this opportunity and will go for. Because of this busy life and busy schedule it affects people mentally to know more.

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    Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand which is located near the Himalayan Foothills. this is so beautiful i mean what a place so amazzzing. The beautiful city is also known as Uttranchal. There is a temple in Dehradun famous by the name of Tapkeshwar Temple, this temple is also known as Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple. Many devotees visit this beautiful temple. Even when I planed to go there was around 7 PM. suddenly there was a strong strom and started raining heavily. (Means aesa lgg rha tha jaise mano mahadevji meri pariksha le rhe ho). So it was great experience

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    Mussoorie Lake is located in Near Mussoorie ( At Dhobi Ghat, about 6kms from main Mussoorie). Mussoorie lake is a man made lake. The lake is placed at a scenic location. The lake is soo much beautiful , once you go it feels like go again and again. When i went for the first time i was very excited and had so much fun, i enjoyed a lot. I went with my family even they too enjoyed . So once in a life everyone should go there.